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NewBold House, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

Location, Travel, and Lodging

About NewBold House and The Findhorn Foundation

The Weather You'll Encounter

Costs and Registration
The Artistry of Crossing Cultures, 7–12 October 2003

Location, Travel and Lodging

NewBold House is located amidst the beauty of northeast Scotland, offering easy access to both beach and river and to spectacular star-filled night skies. It is situated in the outskirts of the town of Forres, about 25 miles east of Inverness or an approximate two-hour drive from Aberdeen. We ask that you arrive at NewBold by 5pm on the Tuesday that the seminar starts; it begins that evening with dinner. Participant departure is Sunday morning.

You will be housed in the beautiful Victorian mansion which is NewBold House, in double accomodations with toilets and bathrooms down the hall. The grounds and gardens extend the peace and warmth of NewBold House beyond the confines of the building itself. All our meals will be prepared for us by the NewBold House community.

About NewBold House

NewBold House is the home of a small, intentional community of people committed to expressing a deep connection with spirit and nature. Originally a part of the Findhorn Foundation and still associated with this major international centre of spiritual education and personal transformation, NewBold House serves the general public as a workshop centre. Their yearly programme offers a wide range of courses and activities for people who seek to increase their understanding of the purpose and meaning of life.

NewBold’s history dates back to 1893 when the house was designed and built (over several years) for the Woodcock family. Colonel Woodcock was a retired Officer who had served in India and subsequently made his fortune trading tea. Settling here with his wife, they were apparently much in absence and the House and Gardens were kept by a large team of servants, including 8 full-time gardeners, who tended the 7 acres that comprise the estate. The Woodcocks were childless and, in time, sold the house to a Mr. Sommerville, who worked for the P&O shipping company. Mr. Sommerville and his wife also had no children and when the House was requisitioned during World War II, Mrs. Sommerville had another house - “Kedah” - built further down St. Leonard’s Rd. After the war the House fell empty for some while until it was acquired in 1959 by Mr. Donaldson, a retired policeman from Keith who bought the property for £3,000 (the same as the original building cost!). The House became a Hotel and the billiard room (now the Art Room) was converted into a bar.

In the 70s the Hotel fell on hard times and, on May 3rd 1979, the Findhorn Foundation began renting it as an additional workshop space. Cally and Harley Miller and three others moved in from Cluny. The plan was for the Foundation to use the workshop rooms in the summer and have the House Group caretake the property over the winter. By the end of the year the situation had developed such that the House Group felt sufficiently confident to take on the rental responsibility and on November 17th declared themselves an independent organisation. In 1982 a separate Charitable Trust was set up. The Donaldsons who now lived at the Lodge House had been the landlords but in the spring of ‘82, they sold the House to the Trust for £85,000 - the purchase was completed on May 8th.

In 1980, the House began to run its economy according to a system of donations which proved highly successful and offered a persuasive alternative to accepted business practices. Buoyed up by the generosity of its guests, NewBold was paid off within ten years and has been self-managed since its origins as an off-shoot of the Foundation. It has been through many phases and incarnations, receiving invaluable commitment from a range of residents who stepped in to help guide and shape its growth.

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The Weather You'll Encounter

The Forres/Findhorn area is located in northeast Scotland, on the edge of the North Sea. While it can at times be quite wet – thus allowing for beautiful flowers and shrubs – the temperatures rarely range either too hot or too cold. January is typically the coldest month, with the low averaging around 34 degrees F, and July the hottest, with the high averaging around 70 degrees F. Early October is usually mild, with daytime temperatures averaging in the 50’s F. It is a good idea to wear layers, and to have waterproof clothing available just in case.

Costs and Registration
The Artistry of Crossing Cultures, 7–12 October 2003

Seminar Fee
The seminar fee is structured on a sliding scale of £379 – 490 and includes the cost of the seminar itself, lodging in shared accomodations, and all meals from Tuesday dinner through Sunday breakfast. You may fix your own price based on your ability to pay. All payments for the seminar are to be made in full to NewBold HouseTrust at the beginning of the course, and may be made by credit card.

For more information about the seminar, please contact us at the Crestone Institute. For information about the registration process, including the refund policy, please contact NewBold House.

Reserving Your Place
We are limiting participation in the seminar to a maximum of 25 people; ; to hold your reservation, a deposit of £70 is needed no later than 5 September, 2003.

Please complete the registration form and submit it to NewBold House either online or by fax or post as per the directions on the form.

Once NewBold House has received your registration and deposit, our Crestone Institute travel agent will be available to help you with your travel arrangements, including coordinating any rental car or taxi reservations you may choose to make with other particpants. We will also be in touch with our recommendations for advance reading and preparation.


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