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Many of us want to make a difference in the world, perhaps in some way to better serve the global community. Many of us want to assist others to bring forth the potential inherent when communicating across difference. We want to offer our best to our clients, our colleagues, and our communities; we wish to thrive, not just survive, in the midst of uncertainty and constant change.

Personal Leadership seminars are designed for those who wish to examine the directions and commitments they are making in their own lives—at home, in the workplace, in the community. The focal point of the Personal Leadership seminars is on recognizing that we each have, in all moments, access to our own deep wisdom. And we can all engage in very specific practices to more effectively receive moment-to-moment, 'next step,' guidance as we live and work in environments of unfamiliarity and difference.

Such environments may be ours alone and arise when we are in personal and/or professional transition, ready to consider our future direction. This sense of "readiness" may present itself as a vague sense that "something is around the corner" or in the form of very defined questions about emerging opportunities. The practices of Personal Leadership bring clarity in discerning the next steps and direction for taking them.

Environments of unfamiliarity and difference are also present as we work and live between cultures, both internationally and domestically. Those of us who live this way or who do such work tend to be very well intentioned. We want to withhold judgment, want to tolerate ambiguity, want to describe rather than evaluate, want not to misattribute meaning. And we want to help our families and our clients learn to live and work this way as well. All of this is much more easily discussed in theory, however, than actually practiced. The framework of Personal Leadership offers very specific strategies for learning to "walk our talk" and for learning to thrive in a multicultural world.

Personal Leadership seminars focus on our individual interests and engage our collective creativity. Each of us receives: 1) an ever- new perspective on developing our Personal Leadership practice, 2) a vision, personally articulated, for ourselves as leaders making a world of difference, and 3) several methodologies, including aligning with vision, the Critical Moment Dialogue, and purpose mapping. Taken together, these can guide our Personal Leadership practice as we align with our highest and best.

In sum, Personal Leadership seminars afford us the opportunity for deeply personal time in the context of an inspiring and energizing community. Each day includes content-focused discussions and integrative conversations as well as opportunities for quiet reflection. Whatever our personal or professional reasons for participating, Personal Leadership seminars become experiences of insight, renewal and re-inspiration.

Please visit our current schedule to see when a seminar is being offered, as well as for information about location, costs, and registration.

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