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Living Wisdom
Practicing Personal Leadership to Make A World of Difference

17-22 March, 2005; Crestone, Colorado

The Crestone Institute invites you to join us for our 2005 seminar exploring the interface between leadership, creativity, and culture.

The seminar engages those ready to closely examine the directions and commitments they are making in their own development as they live and work across cultures. It positions leadership as a personal practice of heart and mind, one that cultivates an experience of internal spaciousness and that allows the full measure of our living wisdom to be offered to each unique situation. Our focus overall is on bringing forth the creative synergy inherent when we engage the new and  unfamiliar--whether that be represented in a person or a project or a place. The seminar serves those who are themselves living and working across cultures, as well as those whose responsibilities include guiding others towards maximal effectiveness in a multicultural context.

Past seminar participants have brought a rich variation in experience. Their nationalities have included British, Canadian, German, Icelandic, Japanese, Pakistani, Swiss, and U.S. American of diverse ethnicities. Their areas of professional focus have ranged from multinational and global corporations to social service provision and administration, from higher education to home maintenance, from international development to building global leadership capacity.

The March 2005 seminar is inspired by the belief that each of us has the capacity to remain open and inspired in the face of cultural difference. It will afford you the opportunity to consider current and innovative thinking about leadership, ‘The Leadership Spiral,’ and the full spectrum of choices one can draw upon when living and leading among cultures. You will become familiar with the two principles and six practices that comprise the Personal Leadership framework, and closely examine them as doorways into the creative synergy our commitments require. Finally, you will have multiple occasions to rigorously apply Personal Leadership to your own specific situations through the powerful methodology of ‘The Critical Moment Dialogue.’ Cultivating such a Dialogue with our highest truth can clearly guide us in transforming cultural differences from walls that separate into bridges that connect.

The seminar will be designed to focus on our individual interests and engage our collective creativity. Our days will include content-focused discussions and integrative conversations as well as opportunities for quiet reflection. 

Seminar Details and Logistics

The seminar will be held in Crestone, Colorado, a small town nestled in the incredible beauty of The Sangre de Cristo Mountains--where the “Southwest meets the Rockies.” Crestone, Colorado is about a 4 hour drive from Denver International Airport, or a 1 hour drive from the airport in Alamosa, Colorado.

The seminar begins with dinner on Thursday 17 March and completes after dinner on Monday 21 March. We ask that you arrive into Crestone by 5pm on the 17th and plan your departure for no earlier than after breakfast on the 22nd.

Seminar Fee
The price for the seminar is US$855.  Self-paying individuals, or those of you whose participation is paid for by a non-governmental organization (NGO) or other not-for-profit/charitable organization, may use a sliding scale structure of US$625 - 855; you thus fix your own price based on your ability to pay.  (Please note that employees of educational institutions who are sponsored by those institutions do not qualify for the sliding scale option.)

We are limiting participation to a maximum of 12 people; to hold your reservation, a minimum deposit of US$400 is needed by Thursday 17 February. When paying by credit card, the full seminar fee must be paid at the time of registration.

Meal Costs
Dinners on the day of arrival and on the last day, and 3 of our lunches in between, will be prepared for us by a local gourmet chef. You will be on your own for all other meals. The cost for our communal meals is $61.  Payment of meal costs is due at the same time as the balance of the seminar fee, and may be included with that balance in one comprehensive payment.  If you choose to pay meal costs by credit card, however, meal costs must be included in the single credit card payment of the seminar fee made at the time of registration. 

The foothills that surround Crestone offer a selection of distinctive B&Bs (bed and breakfast accommodations), many of them offering spectacular views and kitchen access. Prices depend on single/double/triple accommodation and generally range from $30-$65/night. There are two booking options:

  1. If you would like The Crestone Institute to make a reservation on your behalf, please indicate your preference on the registration form; we will do our best to consolidate all reservations made through us into our two or three favorite B&Bs.
  2. Alternatively, you are welcome to book your own accommodations (visit for a listing of options). In either instance, payment must be made directly to your B&B.

Refund Policy
If The Crestone Institute should cancel the seminar, you will be refunded in full any moneys you have paid to us. If you cancel your participation one month or more before the seminar, we will refund you in full, less a $50 administrative fee. If you cancel your participation within one month of the seminar, we will deduct the $50 administrative fee and then negotiate a refund of the balance of whatever you have paid based upon our ability to fill your space.

Next Steps
Once we have received your registration, we will send you information about making your travel arrangements, along with our recommendations for advance preparation.

Please join us to develop your own practice of Personal Leadership.

For more information, please contact one of us at:

Sheila Ramsey  +1 202 298 7661 •
Barbara Schaetti  +1 206 789 3289 •
Gordon Watanabe  + 1 509 448 1969 •

Please download the registration form to reserve your place now!


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